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recorded with Mr. H. Safirstein, born 1893 in Baranovič responsible for teachers in Baranovič, and Mr. A. Zucher born 1912 in Baranovič, printer, on 3. 10. 1945 in Prague.

The gentlemen stayed in Baranovič, living as partisans, at the time when in this place a group of about 3,000 Czech Jews were evacuated. The gentlemen do not know from which city the Jews came. The people spoke Czech; the following is known about their arrival:

Immediately upon getting out of the train, they were ordered to hand over their luggage and were driven away in closed vehicles to be taken care of. The vehicles were specially fitted moving gas chambers. In this way, all Jews were murdered there.

There is still a common mass grave in Baranovič. The Jews there erected a memorial to these murdered Jews.




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2. X. 1945

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