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Protocol No. 6

12. 8. 1945


recorded with Georg Fey, Provisor in the monastery Teplá Abbey, nationality German.

Georg Feyl says he knows very little about the whole matter. All instructions were given by Baumeister Kroy /:Currently in custody:/. He knew nothing about people being killed, but he is aware that many inmates died in Teplá. He himself protested that the inmates were buried in the open field and had argued that they should be buried in the cemetery, even if they were of a different faith. The place at the cemetery where the corpses were buried had been designated by Baumeister Kroy. Georg Feyl resolutely refuses Kroy’s statement that the prior or the monastery would have given any orders in this matter.

Protocol recorded by W. Zeew Scheck in the presence of Dorit Terner.

Names and Birthdates of Witnesses:

William Zeev Scheck 13. 5. 1920

Georg Feyl, Provisor, 2. 6. 1894

Ternerová Dorit 28. 9. 1925