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Physician Adalbert Feher

Specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics


6 Frankfurt 61


Alt Fechenheim 107 – Telephone 06 11 / 41 63 63

as the doctor of the work company

Poland Generalgouvernement

Winter 1941/1942

Jewish men from Hungary on labor assignments in Sianki, in the uniform of the Hungarian occupying army, under their command, in the work company /250 men/ 108/57 from Ungvár.

At temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius, work to keep the supply transport route from Hungary to Lawoczne, Lemberg, free towards the Eastern Front. Their work consisted of clearing away the masses of snow and building snow barricades on the sides of the road to protect against the wind.

In March 1942 the company returned to Hungary to its base. Many of them carried frostbite and chilblains as a souvenir.

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Jewish civilians with white armbands and Star of David, in German-occupied Poland, in Sianki and surroundings, at the time of the establishment of concentration camps, without food, deprived of property, hunted, pursued and executed by the SS - special commandos.

Jewish men from Hungary, assigned to work by the work company 108/57 from Ungvár, under the command of the Hungarian occupying army and in their uniform, see to it that the Jewish civilians are fed. The company's kosher kitchen fed the Jewish civilians until March 1942, when the company /250 men/ returned to Ungvár, Hungary.

A woman was saved. Rest left to their fate.