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Tucny Josef, accountant from Dąbrowa Górnicza tells:

When a Jew returns from a concentration camp, he officially gets nothing back. Promises are made to him, the whole affair drags on until the person concerned renounces because he sees that it is hopeless. The atmosphere is anti-Semitic, the people are surprised that so many Jews have returned home. The Poles keep saying that they believed Hitler murdered all the Jews, since he didn’t do it, they will. The following specific case is cited: A Jew, for example, received an apartment after a German. Shortly thereafter it was taken away from him again and he was driven out of the apartment. 3 km from Dąbrowa, where 2-3000 Jews lived before the war and now only a few families have returned, members of the A. K. /armia krajowa/ shot 2 Jews, after which the official newspapers took a stand against this action. In Dąbrowa itself there were 6000 Jews before the war, today 30 have returned as normal repatriates. Like the other repatriates, they are employed by the employment office, but Jews have the sign /Z/ on the registration lists. The Polish militia, which is supposed to take care of order, is also anti-Semitic and often helps with the actions against the Jews.

Fuchs Mieczysław, weaver from Lodz tells:

After the end of the war, about 10,000 of the 250,000 Jews are found in Lodz, not including another 10,000 Jews, who returned to Lodz from the camps and were registered there. The Jews are not interested in getting their wealth back, they all want to leave Lodz as soon as possible to go to Palestine. Minor wealth, e.g. B. a house, a small business, a smaller company, are officially handed back, but larger assets are nationalized. The allocation of food for Jews from concentration camps is the same as for all other residents, i.e. the repatriate who comes home gets food for 2 months as a repatriate without working, but then he has to start working, then that’s the only way he can get ration cards. The following case is presented where the fascist gangs N./S. Z. broke into a Jewish apartment, shot the woman and the man and then robbed the entire apartment. He can tell a lot about such acts of robbery. The government fights these gangs because they are an anti-government, reactionary trend. Jews hold important public positions with the semi-official knowledge of the government, but mostly under Aryan names, because otherwise it would be impossible for them to hold on to these positions as Jews.

Flato Harka, civil servant from Lodz tells:

After the liberation from the concentration camp by the Russians, she went to her relatives in Lodz in July 1945, where she used to live. Some Jews who hid their wealth in gold or money from the Aryans and retrieved it from them

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have been used by the fascist gangs as an object for their murderous deeds. E.g.: At 10 o’clock in the evening, when the Jews in question were already asleep, 2 civilians came into the apartment with the words: You know how we love you, pulled out their revolvers and wanted to shoot them /they were women/. The women wanted to give them something to save their lives, but they wouldn’t take it. They shot one and seriously wounded the other. The Jews in Lodz turned it into a big affair, the police arrested the two and identified them as 2 AK agents. The gangs send anonymous letters telling the Jews to leave the city, threatening them with death, etc. Slogans are written on the streets: We want a democratic Poland without Jews – don’t buy from Jews – etc. Also: In broad daylight a Jewish jewellery store was attacked. 2 AK people came into the shop, where there was a Jewish saleswoman, looked at things and put them in their bags. The woman then ran into the street to get help, whereupon one of them shot her. The AK people get orders from the leaders of their organization to get gold and money to finance the organization. The police are trying to liquidate these gangs.

Brandstetter Kalman, 14 years old, pupil from Sandomierski and Morgenstern Sonja, his sister, also a pupil, 19 years old, married, tell:

Until 1942 a family of 12 people lived in a ghetto in Strasznow. At that time, the parents of the two above were shot. Since 1942, this family of 10 people had fled to the forests, where they hid underground until liberation. At that time it consisted of: father, mother, 2 11-year-old children, the above girl with her husband and brother, 2 uncles and 1 aunt. When they were liberated by the Russians, the family of 10 people went to the town of Sandomierski, where they settled in the father's house. To this house belonged a shop, which was the property of the father, but it had been completely robbed, so that they had to get groceries from acquaintances and friends from one day to the next. 6 weeks ago the following happened: The whole family except the young husband was at home. At 9 o'clock in the evening, when everyone was already in bed and the young woman had gone to bed with her aunt in another room, she heard the children in the next room calling for help. She straightened up and at that moment a bullet hit the aunt who was lying next to her in bed, killing her and spattering her with blood so that she didn’t know if she was still alive. Now the shooting had just started. The bandits came in with the words: the Jews must have hidden their gold and money in the bed, they searched the bed and only because she was completely spattered with blood, so the bandits thought she was already dead, was her life saved from that. The shooting and robbery continued until 12, when they packed everything they had stolen into a cart and walked away. In the attack, the mother, the 2 children, the aunt and the uncle were shot to death, the father was wounded by 7 bullets, the boy by 3 bullets and an uncle as well. After that, all survivors, including the wounded, fled to the

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cellar where they waited for the morning. During the day, the young woman went out into the street and recognized one of these bandits as a militiaman. The wounded father and uncle fled immediately after recovery and, according to reports, went somewhere in Germany in the American zone. When the young woman’s husband found out about this story, after 3 days he went to the Polish military command of the nearby town, took an armed soldier and went to the house of this militiaman who was recognized by the woman. There he recognized the stolen things, but the perpetrator himself was not found, only the wife, who was arrested but released after half an hour. That was the whole success. After this incident, all the Jews of this place went to Częstochowa, from whence they try to get to Prague etc. in groups.

The Pogrom in Kraków on August 11, 1945.

It happened at 11 am on Saturday when the Jews were in the synagogue. On the street a Polish child started screaming that they wanted to murder him. Then hundreds of bandits gathered in front of the synagogue, stormed and demolished it and began to beat the Jews under the pretext that they were looking for the murderer. The reason for this pogrom was the alleged ritual murder of this child. Crowds of people stormed the synagogue and also broke into the adjoining building, where a Chalutzim group of 15 men were staying. All inmates were threatened with a gun and were going to be shot because the alleged murderer had not been found. Then came the leader of the A. K. and forbade shooting these people. After a few days, the Jews had to leave the whole neighbourhood because they feared for their lives. During the holidays, services had to be held under the guard of the militia.

It is not certain how many victims died in this pogrom, since the official newspapers did not give a number - in any case it is not insignificant.