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  1. EHRI-DC-068_01.png
    1946-01 | Germany
    Yad Vashem Archives, Czechoslovakia Collection (O.7) Original in German.
    Hilda Zadikow describes the life of her husband Arnold Zadikow, a German-Jewish sculptor and medalist who worked in Germany and France. In 1933, he moved with his wife and daughter to Czechoslovakia and in May 1942 they were deported to the Terezín…
  2. EHRI-DC-045_01.png
    1945-10-03 | Baranowicze Ghetto
    Jewish Museum in Prague, Documents of Persecution, inv. no 80. Original in German.
    Very brief report by partisans H. Safirstein and A. Zucher on the existence of mobile gas chambers in Baranowicze and the accounts of Czech Jewish inmates.