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  1. EHRI-DC-052_01.png
    1945-05-05 | Terezín Ghetto
    Jewish Museum in Prague, Terezín collection, inv. no 343. Original in German.
    Detailed report about the Terezín Ghetto from its beginning in November 1941 until the liquidation transports to the East in autumn 1944. The author's name is stated as Helena Faberová, but the text is written from a male perspective. The actual…
  2. EHRI-DC-044_01.png
    1945-05-14 | Julius Ludolph | Melk concentration camp
    Jewish Museum in Prague, Documents of Persecution, inv. no 80. Original in German.
    Hermann Hofstädt describes his arrival from Mauthausen to the Melk concentration camp in April 1944. He focuses on the harsh living conditions in the camp, the torture of its inmates, and the role of camp commander Julius Ludolph and other SS men.