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  1. EHRI-DC-061_01.png
    1945-08-12 | Teplá
    Jewish Museum in Prague, Documents of Persecution, inv. no 80. Original in German.
    Brief report by Josef Winter, a worker at the estate in the city of Teplá. He recalls several prisoner trains that passed through the city of Teplá in March. Winter describes a group of prisoners who marched through Teplá and were tortured by the SS…
  2. EHRI-DC-047_01.png
    Terezín Ghetto
    Jewish Museum in Prague, Terezín collection, inv. no 343. Original in German.
    The unknown author describes the census on November 11th, 1943, on the Terezín Ghetto inmates in the Bohušovice Basin, conducted due to the rising number of escaped prisoners. The author recalls the endless hours of standing and waiting in the cold…